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Cathedral and RoofTop Tour

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Duration: 1.5 hour
No-lines policy: you will not stand in the entrance lines!
Availability: Everyday
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The majestic Duomo Cathedral is the third Catholic church larger in the world after the Saint Peter’s Basilic and the Siviglia Cathedral!

This 1.5 hours tour will enthrall you to discover the inside and the Rooftop of this unique Cathedral.

A kids friendly guide will guide your children in an educational and funny tour discovering the Duomo Cathedral from the outside, the inside and the top!

Starting from the facades your children will be challenged discovering the representations on the main door of the Duomo, then you will get in and you will be enchanted!

Forty columns divides the Basilica in five naves and fifty-five stained glass windows were decorated from the 4th to the end of the 20th century. The entire structure has a Gothic style, even if it was realized over the centuries. You can admire the “stories” painted on the windows such as Saint John the Evangelist, stories of The Apocalypse and the New Testament.

How much children love gargoyles?!

It’s time to take the lift up to the Rooftop to access to the terraces of the Duomo, from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of dense embroidery of arches, flying buttresses (where rainwater is hidden), pinnacles and statues and the city. They will love the narrow passages and stairs!

Here you can find the Symbol of the city, the MADONNINA, a 4.16 mt high golden statue, which overlook and protect the city.

The new and the old are mixed in Milan, from the Terraces you can see the skyscrapers built in the 21st century that changed completely the Skyline.

The tour can be a 2 hours or 3 hours walking tour (depending on how much time you want to spend with your guide and which are the monuments you do not want to miss!):

2 hours: begins with a fascinating walking tour of the famous Ile de la Cité, in the heart of the Seine River, home to kings, revolutionaries and those famous gargoyles. Here you will see why Victor Hugo selected Notre Dame as the setting for his widely acclaimed novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You will also see the Pont des Arts, the “love locks” on Pont Neuf the and the French Academy.

3 hours: walking tour stating at the Opera House and ending at the Eiffel Tower. This marvelous tour will cover Vandome square, Tuileries gardens, Concorde Square, Champs Elysees, le Petit et Grand Palais. You will cross Alexandre III bridge and the discover Les Invalides and Napoleon tombs ending with the monument symbol of Milan: the Eiffel Tower (so that at the end of the tour you can climb the tower by yourself if you wish!).

Jason P., Sydney, Asustralia
1 reviews

We have 4 kids who are all now interested in art. Our guide was really personable and made the tour very compelling for the children and for us. It would otherwise have been a long 3 hours for them but they couldn't get enough! The tour was only meant to be 2 hours but our guide loved what she did so continued.